The International scientific and practical Conference “GDV Technologies. Opportunities and Prospects.”

The International scientific and practical Conference
“GDV Technologies. Opportunities and Prospects.”
Russia, St. Petersburg, May 14 – 18, 2017

We continue our meetings with interesting people at the annual international scientific and practical conference dedicated to the GDV method.

The conference’s aim is to get together all the people who are interested in GDV method. Scientists from different countries are going to represent their reports regarding usage and development of GDV method.

However for the first time during the lifetime of existence of GDV method, the conference will be hold on board of the comfortable cruise ship ST Peter Line “Princess Anastasia”. We will travel through the Baltic countries: Russia (St. Petersburg) – Finland (Helsinki) – Estonia (Tallinn) – Sweden (Stockholm) – Russia (St. Petersburg).

Apart from participation in the informative and filled with scientific discoveries event you will be able to visit the capitals of the three Baltic countries, to visit exciting tours, gain new experiences for the next year and, of course, to visit beautiful St. Petersburg.

During the conference you will be able to take part
in the round-table activities, scientific and practical seminars.

Main topics of the conference:

  • GDV in Sport
  • GDV in Medicine
  • GDV in Psychology
  • GDV in Alternative Medicine
  • GDV in the environmental studies
  • New GDV methodologies, software programs and devices

Languages of the conference: English, Russian

The proceedings of the Conference (book) and CD with articles will be published before the beginning of the Congress. The proceedings are accepted in the volume of 1 page, volume of articles requires not more than 10 pages.

The cost of participation in the conference starts from 470 Euro for the participants of the Conference and from 370 Euro for the participant’s attendant.

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GDV method. GDV Camera by Professor Korotkov

Electrography methods, widely used in medical practice nowadays, make it possible to carry out the diagnostics of the functional state of a human organism, by establishing the connection between its electro-physiological and clinical-anatomy characteristics. Electrical activity of various organs and tissues is studied with the help of electroencephalograms (EEG), electrocardiograms (ECG) and electric puncture.

One of the most promising electrography methods of a human state study is the Method of Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV), based on Kirlian effect (high frequency photography). Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) is computer registration and analysis of the glow, induced by the objects, including biological ones, when stimulated by electro-magnetic field with amplification in gas discharge.

On the basis of GDV-method a group of scientists guided by Professor K.G. Korotkov (St.-Petersburg IPMO – Institute of Precise Mechanics and Optics) has created a device “GDV Camera“. It has been clinically tested, included into the state register of medical equipment and certified by the Ministry of Health of Russia.

Nowadays the GDV-method acquires more and more acknowledgement and, along with other bioelectrography methods, is used in medicine, sports, psychology, psycho-physiology, as well as in fundamental and applied research.

Kirlian effect, kirlianography

The effect of glow of different objects, including biological ones, in electromagnetic high intensity fields has been known for more than 2 centuries. However, the complexity of the equipment that was in use at that time hindered the profound study of the effect. It was only due to Russian inventors, a married couple by the name of Kirlian who independently came across this phenomenon in 1930 – 40, that high – frequency photography method became widely known. For several decades the Kirlians were involved in glow studies of various substances. They got over 30 patents. That’s why this phenomenon became universely known as Kirlian effect.

Currently, the term Kirlian effect is interpreted as visual observation or registration on photomaterial of gas discharge glow, appearing near the object’s surface when it is placed in high strength electric field. In describing the results of biological subjects study such terms as bioelectrography and Kirlian photography are also used.

Kirlian photography became widespread as experimental studies method: the number of works on Kirlian effect amounts to over 1000 publications. The issue that aroused the greatest interest was the study of Kirlianograms of biological subjects, mainly – of human organism.

Even the first studies of Kirlian effect revealed that Kirlianograms form changes along with the changes in a person’s state. For example, it appeared possible to evaluate the general level and character of the organism’s physiological activity judging by the way the fingertips and toes Kirlianograms looked, as well as to assess the state of various systems of the organism and to follow the influence of different impacts, such as medications, therapy, etc. It gave the opportunity to develop various effective systems of diagnostics based on Kirlian effect usage.

The expansion of Kirlian effect application sphere, as well as the urge to consolidate the studies carried out in different countries, resulted in organizing in the USA and Great Britain in 1978 of the International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography (IUMAB). The Union got the support of the scientists all over the world, including Russian scientists. A number of theses were defended in which a great number of experimental data were used obtained from the studies of various biological subjects with the help of Kirlian effect.

Kirlian effect is currently the only instrumental method that enables one to assess, on the physical and energy-informational levels, the state of not only a separate organ or system, but of the organism as a whole in interrelation of its various parts. In long-term outlook this method may become a practical instrument permanently present at a doctor’s desk.

The prospects of Kirlian effect application in practical psychology are a matter of special interest: some of the obtained data testify to the fact that there is correlation between glow characteristics and personality type. With due elaboration Kirlian effect may become the first instrumental method of personality characteristics assessment, and that will enable a researcher to build up an objective portrait of a personality on various stages of their development.

Most interesting data were obtained in the study of psychological compatibility of people, carried out with the help of Kirlian method. This leads to the prospects of a new approach to the problems of occupational selection, especially concerning the relationship in small groups, as well as to the problems of family creation and individual relationship.

The advent of gas discharge visualisation (GDV) device, based on Kirlian effect, has marked a new stage in human nature cognition.

Prices of GDV devices

The price of any GDV-device includes a detailed user’s manual in English, as well as user training in GDV-technologies, on completion of which the user gets a certificate.

Basic GDV devices

Software package\ GDV hardware GDV Travel GDV Compact GDV Compact Eco*** GDV Pulse GDV Camera GDV Express***
«Zero» without programs of processing* € 930 € 2 970 € 3 670 € 3 770 € 6 570 € 13 070
«Only One»** GDV Energy Field € 1 650
€ 4 980
«Minimum» 3 programs of processing by a choice € 2 870 € 5 400 € 6 100 € 6 200 € 9 000 € 15 500
«Standard» 6 programs of processing by a choice € 4 700 € 6 870 € 7 570 € 7 670 € 10 470 € 16 970
«Expert» 9 programs of processing by a choice € 6 530 € 7 800 € 8 500 € 8 600 € 11 400 € 17 900
«Complete»  12 programs of processing by a choice € 7 750 € 8 300 € 9 000 € 9 100 € 12 150 € 18 650
The complete set of each device includes the GDV Capture program for capturing images.
* GDV hardware without software is sold only in the case of buying the second unit, and in the presence of the full software package.
** Only the device "GDV Travel" or "GDV Pulse" is sold with the program "GDV Energy Field".
*** The device is supplied only after preliminary agreement with the manufacturer.


Soft for GDV-diagnostics by MedEO company

"INTERPRETATION for GDV Software" GDV-date textual interpretation system. € 580
"SBJmanager for GDV Software" GDV-date management system. € 350
GD.Veda € 580
GDV Effect € 300

GDV Software

GDV Scientific Laboratory € 650
GDV Atlas € 610
GDV Diagram € 610
GDV Neurotonus € 610
GDV Screening € 610
GDV Sport € 610
GDV Chakra € 610
GDV Energy Fields € 610
GDV Viewer € 280

GDV Equipment And Attachments For Evaluation Of The State Of Environment

They can only operate as a unit with GDV-Camera.
GDV MiniLab + GDV SciLab € 2 100
GDV the Fifth Element + GDV SciLab € 1 700
GDV Eco-tester + GDV SciLab € 4 200
GDV+ € 1000

Additional Accessories

Measuring electrode Sputnik 1 € 200
GDV Filters (1 pack – 100 pcs.) € 12
“GDV Traveler” bag € 100
Cover glasses (1 pack – 100 pcs.) € 5
Additional USB-port lock for GDV Software-2016 € 600


The above-mentioned prices are valid out of Russia, Baltic states and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

The requirements to carrying out GDV-diagnostics

  • The room should be well ventilated. There shouldn’t be anyone in the room except the patient and the researcher. During GDV-diagnostics the patient should be relaxed and shouldn’t speak.
  • Before GDV-diagnostics damp hands should be dried with a dry cloth. Long nails should be cut short.
  • All metal objects (such as rings, bracelets, watch) should be removed from the patient’s hands.
  • A finger is positioned in the center of GDV-device so that the image shouldn’t move beyond the window frame (angle of slope is 10 – 30), and the finger should be perpendicular to the GDV-device front wall.

Requirements to the computer for GDV-diagnostics

Pentium-200MHz and higher
RAM – 32 Mb
100 Mb free space on the hard disk
SVGA display with resolution not less than 800 x 600 and 16 bit colours
Videocard with 2 Mb memory
Operation system – Windows 98, ME, 2000.

Optimum: 400 MHz, 64 Mb RAM, 500 Mb free space on the hard disk.

The theory of Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) method

The main source of image formation is a gas discharge occurring close to the surface of the object under study. One can single out two main discharge types, related to formation of Kirlian images: an avalanche type, developing in a narrow clearance limited by a non-conductor, and the type sliding along the non-conductor surface.

The term “GDV-ography” was introduced for identification of a graghical registration method, and “GDV-grams (images)” – for the description of the image itself (by analogy with widely used terms encephalogram, cardiogram, etc.). The obtained data made it possible to formulate the definition of the method: Biological Emission and Optical Radiation, induced by electro-magnetic field, amplified by Gas Discharge with Visualisation due to computer data processing (BEO GDV).

As opposed to popular methods of medical visualisation, medical decision (diagnostic statement) in GDV-method is made not by means of anatomic structures study, but on the basis of conformal transformations and mathematical evaluation of multi-parameter images, whose parameters depend on psychophysiological state of the organism. At the same time basic physical processes tend to be the same both for biological (BO) and non-organic objects. Functional singularities of BO are manifested mainly in variability and dynamics of gas discharge images.

Gas discharge visualisation (GDV) principle can be presented as follows (see the drawing):

GDV Voltage impulses from a magnetic field generator (5) are sent between the object under study (1) and dielecric plate (2), on which the object is placed. To ensure this a transparent conducting coating is applied on the back surface of the plate (2). With high field intensity in the gas medium of the space of contact between the object (1) and the plate (2) there develops an avalanche and / or sliding gas discharge (GD), whose parameters are determined by the object’s properties. With the help of optical system and camera (3) discharge glow is transformed into video-signals that are recorded as separate shots (GDV-grams) or AVI-files into memory block (4), connected to a computer processor. A computer processor is a specialised software complex that enables a researcher to calculate a number of parameters and to make certain diagnostic statements (medical decisions) on their basis.

The following institutions take part in GDV research:

In physics: IPMO (Institute of Precise Mechanics and Optics); Cybernatics Institute of the Russian Science Academy; Montreal University (Canada).
In medicine: St. Petersburg State Medical University named after academician Pavlov; Human Brain Institute of the Russian Science Academy (St. Petersburg); St.Petersburg Medical Military Academy; State Medical Academy of the city of Voronezh; Scientific Research Institute of Obstetrics and Pediatrics (the city of Rostov-na-Donu); Russian Academy of Ayurvedic Medicine; Institute of Orthodox Medicine; Space Medicine Academy; the University of the city of Kuopo (Finland), and Complementary Medicine Centers in 21 countries.
In psychophysiology and sports: the State Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture and Sports; St. Petersburg Sports Academy; the International University, Stockholm; London City University.

Standard solutions with GDV

GDV-Medical Center

Multi-field clinics, family medicine, private medical practitioners

Identify the systems of the organism that need treatment, select individual treatment course.
Follow up the changes in the process of treatment, assess its final result.
Quick, non-invasive, precise.

GDV-Compact, GDV-Diagram, GDV Energy Fields


Rest homes, health resorts, sanatoriums, rehabilitation centers

Identify problematic zones of the organism, select individual course of rehabilitating treatment.
Assess the effect of the treatment and rest.
Convenient, quick, informative.

GDV-Compact + GDV Diagram

GDV-Sports Club

Professional sports, fitness-clubs, SPA-salons.

Assess general health state, fix permissible loads and individual program of training and treatment procedures.
Assess the organism’s reaction to exertion and health-improving procedures.
Quick, easy-to-see, convenient.

GDV-Compact + GDV Diagram


Folk and Unorthodox Medicine; manual therapy, acupuncture.

Find problematic zones in the organism, assess the patient’s general state.
Follow up the changes taking place in the process of treatment, demonstrate the resulting impact.
Easy-to-see, informative, quick.

GDV-Compact + GDV Diagram, GDV Energy Fields, GDV Chakra


Companies with occupational selection, transport enterprises, force structures.

Assess the personnel’s physical state, their psychological peculiarities and stress level.
Assess the results of the training, staff appointments and rest.
Quick, informative, easy-to-see.

GDV-Compact + GDV Diagram, GDV Energy Fields, GDV Tolerance


Production of dietary supplements, cosmetics, oils;
Study of water, biological liquids, precious stones, etc.

Study your production or its ingredients.
Compare the quality of various components, formulas; assess the impact on the human organism.
Precise, easy-to-see, informative.

GDV Camera, GDV Minilab + GDV Diagram, GDV SciLab

Product сomparison

GDV Compact GDV Camera GDV Express
Appearance GDV Compact GDV Camera GDV Express
Human 1 finger 1 finger 10 fingers
Substance Only water Different substance with GDV MiniLab No
Number of voltage mode 1 4 1
Battery Yes No No
Dimensions, mm 230 х 180 х 100 395 х 165 х 345 270 х 480 х 120
Weight, kg 3 5 7
Certificates RosTest, CE RosTest, CE RosTest, CE

GDV certificates

Method of assesssment
of a biological object’s state
Method of assessment
of human anxiety level
Method of diagnostics
of human organism’s state

Method of determination
of human anxiety
Registration Certificate of the
Ministry of Health of Russia
Registration Certificate
for the software support
Certificate of Conformance
GDV Compact
Certificate of Conformance
GDV Camera

International CE Certificate

Registration Certificate
of Belorussia