GDV Scientific Laboratory

GDV SciLabThe program is intended for multi-parameter processing of static and dynamic GDV-grams and the subsequent statistic comparison of two or more samples of calculated parameters. Statistical tests implemented in the program were based on Student criteria, Wilcockson criteria, Mann – Whitney and Valde – Volfovitz criteria as well as on signs criteria, and ensure the analysis of dependent and independent data samples possessing various distribution types.


  • multi-parametrical processing of static and dynamic GDV-images including the following:
  • calculation of numeric characteristics of GDV-images both for the whole image and for separate sectors;
  • formation of up to 10 samples of GDV-images and their statistical comparison by the selected GDV parameters;
  • calculation of statistical characteristics of each sample by the selected parameter;
  • calculation of trends, the entropy and fractal analysis of time series of the dynamic GDV-image parameters;
  • visual analysis and comparison of the initial GDV-images and arrays of calculated and numeric data.

Additional possibilities:

  • work in one of the two modes, dynamic or static;
  • saving the processing results to files and printing of reports;
  • creation of a detailed report in MS Word format.

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