Standard solutions with GDV

GDV-Medical Center

Multi-field clinics, family medicine, private medical practitioners

Identify the systems of the organism that need treatment, select individual treatment course.
Follow up the changes in the process of treatment, assess its final result.
Quick, non-invasive, precise.

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Rest homes, health resorts, sanatoriums, rehabilitation centers

Identify problematic zones of the organism, select individual course of rehabilitating treatment.
Assess the effect of the treatment and rest.
Convenient, quick, informative.

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GDV-Sports Club

Professional sports, fitness-clubs, SPA-salons.

Assess general health state, fix permissible loads and individual program of training and treatment procedures.
Assess the organism’s reaction to exertion and health-improving procedures.
Quick, easy-to-see, convenient.

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Folk and Unorthodox Medicine; manual therapy, acupuncture.

Find problematic zones in the organism, assess the patient’s general state.
Follow up the changes taking place in the process of treatment, demonstrate the resulting impact.
Easy-to-see, informative, quick.

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Companies with occupational selection, transport enterprises, force structures.

Assess the personnel’s physical state, their psychological peculiarities and stress level.
Assess the results of the training, staff appointments and rest.
Quick, informative, easy-to-see.

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Production of dietary supplements, cosmetics, oils;
Study of water, biological liquids, precious stones, etc.

Study your production or its ingredients.
Compare the quality of various components, formulas; assess the impact on the human organism.
Precise, easy-to-see, informative.

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