You are invited to the Workshop


July 7-10, 2014

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia


Dear investigators, practitioners, doctors, specialists in alternative medicine, ecologists, trainers on healthy life-style and everyone, who:

– wants to know something new;

– is interested in GDV technologies;

– wants to be a GDV trainer;

– strives for higher level of excellence

The main topics of the seminar:

– Work with GDV equipment;

– Work with “GDV Software”;

– Interpretation of GDV images

– Demonstration of new equipment.

Workshop fees:

Level 1 – 350 euro until May, 15; 400 euro after May, 15 2014;

Level 2 – 400 euro until May, 15; 450 euro after May, 15 2014;

Workshop fees cover:

– four days workshop attendance;

– coffee-breaks;

– GDV certification;

– 10 % discount on GDV equipment and software during the workshop;

– preventive testing of the equipment;

Level I

Workshop levels

– Course is focused on study of the basics of work with GDV hardware and software.

– Course is recommended for people, who have not studied the GDV equipment before, or studied it without assistance or in a brief course (6 hours).

Level II

– Course is focused on raising the level of GDV specialists’ skills. It is an advanced training program.

– Course is recommended for people, who have studied GDV technique on level 1 and have operational experience with GDV equipment; for persons interested in complementary knowledge about testing of materials, environment, and space; for persons interested in raising the level of skills in practical work with people.

Contact person: Ianovskaia Elena