The technique of carrying out GDV-diagnostics of the patient

1. GDV capture (shooting) of 10 fingertips (GDV-grams)

GDV Capture” program is used for registration of GDV glow and saving of GDV-grams files and GDV video to a computer disk.

GDV Capture” program functions in two modes – for static (frame-by frame) and dynamic (video) recording. It enables one to quickly and easily carry out the recording of 10 fingertips, up to 100 GDV-grams of liquids and other biological objects, as well as the recording of short video-films of a gas discharge (GDV-video).


2. Carrying out GDV-grams computer analysis.

Computer analysis implies sector diagnostics and parametric analysis of GDV-grams.

Sector diagnostics is based on the diagnostic table, relating the characteristics of fingers’ separate zones glow to the functional state of the organism’s different systems and organs. On the basis of GDV-grams a model of the biological field distribution around human body is built.

Parametric analysis is based on more than 30 parameters of GDV-grams, as well as on the factor and correlation analysis. Geometry, brightness, structure, fractality, probability and other parameters are studied.