GDV method in psychology

Psycho-emotional state assessment with the help of GDV

A system is being developed of multi-parameter assessment of a person’s psychic state and of a person’s psychological type influence on their physical state.

GDV-grams parameters with this or that psycho-emotional state made it possible to detect different groups of test-subjects with most pronounced mental disorders. “GDV Activation” program was worked out on the basis of these studies.The result of calculations performed in this software was determination of Stress Factor level by means of parametric analysis of GDV-grams, obtained in different GDV-capture modes.

GDV-diagnostics of a person’s psycho-physical potential. Sports

As a result of screening – bioelectrography diagnostics of a person’s psycho-physiological potential a data base on approximately 200 top-rank athletes was collected. It comprises both data obtained by GDV-method and a multitude of verifying characteristics (cardiac activity parameters, psychological testing, genotype endurance, etc.) Eventually GDV characteristics correlation with athletes psycho-physical potential was revealed. An automatic system of screening diagnostics of athletes’ psycho-physical potential was developed, which makes it possible to carry out both individual express-diagnostics and rating of athletes inside the group.

Occupational selection with the help of GDV

One of the most important tendencies in GDV development is working out of a special technique and introducing it into occupational selection sphere.

What seems a matter of paramount importance – that’s occupational selection and activity monitoring of complicated systems operators – pilots, astronauts, nuclear power stations operators, air-traffic controllers, etc. GDV-method appears helpful in determination of a person’s psycho-physical abilities limit while acting in high-danger conditions.

GDV-method in occupational selection is used in screening evaluation in recruiting agencies and staff- selection departments, as well as for express-assessment of a person’s state before their undertaking a certain task.

Altered Consciousness States (ACS) and GDV


ACS is the term used for consciousness states, basically differing in the way of the person’s behaviour and energy – informational mechanisms from consciousness normal states. They may occur under extreme conditions or under the influence of psycho-active substances or psycho-active procedures, etc.

A way of registering bioelectrographical ACS-correlates was designed, that uses complex technique, including EEG brain mapping, electro-puncture, brain quasi-constant potentials and GDV-method. It led to creation of an unconventional method of following a person’s state under hypnosis, during meditation, psychic regulation and other types of complex activity.

Drawing on the right demonstrates:
AGDV-gram of a normal consciousness state.
BGDV-gram of an altered consciousness state.