GDV Express

GDV ExpressThe device is designed for simultaneous recording of GDV-grams of 10 human fingertips. It helps economize time when one has to carry out a great number of studies in a row. Besides, for a study of psychological constituents, it’s essential that a researcher get simultaneous response of the organism.

GDV-Express components:

  • GDV-Express device;
  • GDV software;
  • Set of cables: USB cable, power cord;
  • Darkening lens-cover with apertures for placing fingers;
  • Set of filters;
  • User manual

GDV-Express parameters:

  • Work in one mode only;
  • Impulse duration – 10mcs;
  • Frequency – 1024 Hz;
  • Weight – not more than 7 kg;
  • Dimensions – 270 x 480 x 120 mm


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