GDV Compact

GDV CompactThis device is intended for human fingertips GDV-grams (glow) computer registration and analysis. It is used only for express-diagnostics of the human organism state. The device is operated by an integrated battery, which enables one to use this type of device in field conditions.

GDV-Compact components:

  • GDV-Compact device;
  • GDV software;
  • Set of cables: USB cable, power cord;
  • Darkening lens-cover;
  • Set of filters;
  • Test-subject;
  • Reference electrode;
  • Manual.

GDV-Compact parameters:

  • Operation in one mode only;
  • Impulse duration – 10 msec;
  • Frequency – 1024 Hz;
  • Weight – not more than 3 kg;
  • Dimensions – 230 x 180 x 100 mm.


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