GDV Chakra

GDV ChakraThe program is meant for graphic presentation of GDV parameters distribution among body energy centers, i.e. chakras, based on processing GDV-grams of 10 fingertips.


  • graphic display of the normalized energy value and emotional-physical imbalance of the energy centres of human body, chakras, on the basis of processing of GDV-images of 10 fingers. Calculation of GDV-chakras is based on the idea of the connection of a chakra with the part of the finger to which the corresponding systems of human body are projected;
  • presentation of the table containing numeric values of the calculated chakra parameters.

Additional possibilities:

  • viewing the results on the plots of two types:
  • projection of chakra parameters on the human contour as circles where the diameter corresponds to the normalized energy level and the shift of a circle to the right or to the left to emotional-physical imbalance;
  • display of parameters on an ordinary plot as a line with markers. The chakra number is marked on the horizontal axis and the normalized energy value or emotional-physical imbalance on the vertical one;
  • for each calculated chakra parameter its value, asymmetry and interpretation are output in correspondence with the Ayurveda concept in Indian medicine;
  • print out of GDV-images, plots, reports and tables.

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