GDV Eco-Tester

GDV Eco TesterThe GDV Eco-Tester is intended for measuring signals of sensors registering pa­rameter variations of the environment, in off-line mode without connection to the computer. It can be used together with the sensors of the GDV Fifth Element.

There is a LC display on the body of the Tester showing data from the user’s inter­face which makes it possible to select working parameters: the series duration, the interval between discharges and the other ones. In the process of capturing the GDV images are displayed on the screen which enables to take the recording under control.

The Tester works with the flash storage device with memory up to 4 GB. This mem­ory is enough for continuous recording GDV images during several days. When recording is finished the information is transferred on the computer for processing in the GDV Scientific Laboratory program.

The GDV Eco-Tester makes it possible to measure parameters of the environment during many hours without direct connection to the computer. The GDV Eco-Tester is convenient to carry out studies of natural objects where the electrical network is not available.

GDV Eco Tester

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