GDV Screening

GDV ScreeningThe program is meant for evaluation of the human organism functional state, as compared to that of a practically healthy person, by means of observing separate organs and systems. GDV Screening makes it possible to calculate the characteristics, enabling one to assess the energy potential, tolerance to environmental changes and stress-immunity of separate organs and systems.
The program also enables the researcher to visually evaluate GDV-grams in the sector, corresponding to the selected organ or system, and to monitor the numerical parameters of these sectors.
The data may be presented in graphs and tables, which enables the researcher to compare the data of several subjects.

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GDV Energy Fields

GDV Energy FieldsThe program is meant for visual representation of the energy field in the form of an image surrounding human contour as well as for numerical presentation of data in tables and diagrams. GDV Energy Fields makes it possible to assess human energy potential and gives the opportunity to observe the field model in 3 projections (frontal and 2 lateral ones) as well as to compare the obtained results for several subjects.

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GDV Diagram

GDV DiagramThe program is designed for evaluation of the functional state of the subjects’ organism as compared to that of a practically healthy person.
GDV Diagram makes it possible to present results as circular diagrams, assessing organ systems regarding energy excess or energy deficiency. The program also helps to assess the level of emotional susceptibilty of a human by means of comparing parameters of fingertips taken with and without a filter.

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GDV Atlas

GDV AtlasGDV Atlas is a combination of “GDV Screening” and “GDV Diagram” programs possessing a number of new user options.
It is designed for the analysis of GDV parameters of the functional states of various body systems and organs in the traditional form of classical medicine.
GDV Atlas makes it possible to present the functional state of a human body in multi-level skeletotypical and organotypical aspect and to visually analyse GDV-images in sectors corresponding to the selected organ or system.

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