XVIII International Scientific Congress

XVIII International Scientific Congress “Science. Information. Spirit.”

July 4, 5, 6 2014, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Location: International Center of Business Collaboration, Congress Hall, Proletarskoy diktatury str., 6

The Congress will be attended by leading worldwide known scientists developing new fields of science on life, man, and on special properties of water.

Public lectures of scientists from Russia, the USA and Europe are designed for wide circle of listeners.

This is a unique opportunity to present your research materials and to communicate with the leading thinkers of our Planet.

We invite you to take part in the Congress:

– Lectures and talks (1-2-3 days);

– Delivering a report or submitting posters.

The main topics:

• Biological energy fields

• Water and its special properties

• The environment and its effect on human

• Human achievement at the Olympics 2014

• GDV in Medicine, GDV in Sports, GDV in Spirit.

The IUMAB congresses have been traditionally held since 1987 in the USA, Europe India and Russia.

President of the Congress – Professor K.G. Korotkov (Russia)

Scientific and Organising Committee:

Professor V.L. Voeikov

Professor A. I. Krashenyuk

R.R. Yusubov, Director General of KTI, LLC

Congress languages: English, Russian.

The proceedings of the Congress (book) and CD with articles will be published before the beginning of the Congress.

Contact person: Ianovskaia Elena

tel: +7 921 953-08-57

e-mail: grv@medeo.ru