GDV method in medicine

Research has shown that intensity, character and structure of live tissues specific glow in alternating electric field (GDV-glow) is largely dependent on the subject’s initial state (the level of their vital processes, various organs and tissues functional state, specific character of pathological processes). GDV-method makes it possible to assess the organism’s structural – functional state along with obtaining stable reproducible results in real-time scale.

GDV-method application in medicine

  • Mass screening-diagnostics (preventive express-diagnostics). It may be carried out among healthy population in occupational check-ups at schools, industrial enterprises, etc. It gives the opportunity to detect problematic zones (at the moment of the check-up) or potentially dangerous zones of a human organism.
  • Express-method of patients’ state syndrome assessment in hospitals, health centres, clinics and sanatoriums, which gives the opportunity to drastically reduce the area of diagnostic search.
  • Selection of individual treatment methods on the basis of GDV-grams analysis data. It implies that there should be studies before and after the influence exerted on the human organism by medications, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, etc.
  • Patients’ state survey in the process of treatment (patients’ state monitoring) and treatment effectiveness evaluation. It implies GDV-gram dynamic estimation in the process of treatment.
  • Selection of effective maintaining treatment.
  • Initial prohylaxis of illnesses and deseases.
Before treatment After treatment
Before treatment After treatment

Organism state assessment by GDV-method is carried out on the basis of analysis of GDV-grams, processed on the computer with the help of special software. Medical decision on the basis of the conducted study is made by a doctor.

GDV equipment is currently installed in state and private clinics, medical centres, sanatoriums and health resorts. It’s also considered to be a widespread method in the work of private medical centres of unorthodox medicine.

GDV-method advantages

  • objectivity of information;
  • clarity and interpretability of obtained data, convenience of their storage and processing;
  • possibility of following the processes development in time and of comparing structural, functional and temporal processes in the organism;
  • non-invasiveness, safety and absolute aseptics (sterility);
  • absence of specific requirements to the room and environmental conditions;
  • method simplicity and convenience;
  • low cost of the examination;